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At Haute Haus, we realize that flowers play an important part of your big day!  We also believe that ALL couples should have a beautiful wedding. Whether it be a wedding where you simply need flowers or full custom floral and decor service we have crafted a couple of options for you!

down the aisle

by Haute Haus

Why do it yourself and waste all that valuable time the morning of your wedding, risking dead or broken flowers and headaches?  Let our talented team do it for you!  Simply select the package, check out and we'll do the rest!  No consultation, no waiting on a price.....just choose and you're done!


by Haute Haus

Atelier by Haute Haus was created for the discerning couple, that have very specific ideas and a larger budget ($5,000+) that require a more hands-on approach to design.  This may include custom flower walls, ceiling treatments, flower structures, and other detailed items to complete your ideal vision.

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